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The Hamlin Lake Preservation Society is a non-profit, educational organization that represents riparian owners and interested friends of Hamlin Lake. Our organization does this in a variety of ways from monitoring water quality and weed distribution, producing a newsletter, to sponsoring activities on the lake such as fireworks, and sailboat races.  Please talk a moment to look around our website to learn more about our various activities and how you can become a supporter of the Hamlin Lake Preservation Society.

New Bathymetry Maps of Hamlin Lake

The data used to create these maps was collected during July and August of 2018 and 2019. A bit of data was also collected in September 2019.  Equipment used: Lowrance Fish Finder, model HDS-7T, Lowrance Point-1 Baja GPS Antenna, Depth transducer; P66-BL, 50-200 Depth-Temperature-Speed.

Learn more by viewing our Bathymetry Data page.

The Quality Of Our Water Is Vital For Everyone

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Free Nitrate and Nitrite Water Testing

Mason, Manistee and Lake Counties are offering free Nitrate and Nitrite Water Testing July 29th through July 31st.  Please clink on the links below for detailed information on how to get your water tested. Manson / Lake Counties Manistee County

Current / Future Projects:

Shoreline Restoration

The 2018 LSP Shoreline Restoration Project is complete.  Please visit the park and find the following signage explaining the project you helped support.  We are currently working with the Park Team on identifying future opportunities!

You can learn more by visiting the Natural Shoreline Restoration Project page.

Watershed Plan

Peggy Haverberg continues to lead the effort to update the Hamlin Lake Watershed Management Plan. The updating of the original 1992 Hamlin Lake Watershed Management Plan is a very time-consuming project that will develop a plan to best maintain the quality of the Hamlin Lake Watershed. All the board members have contributed to the information being gathered and organized. The community will also have an opportunity to contribute input on the plan.

Big Sable Activities

We are currently seeking landowner input and permission for a habitat improvement project from Hamilton Road to Tyndall Road on the upper area of the Big Sable River. This area of the river is in need of some small wood structures to provide overhead cover for fish and provide resting areas for waterfowl and other inhabitants of the river. The scatter planting of brown trout fry will be later than normal this year. We are expecting the 8,000 Gilchrist Strain of brown trout to be delivered to the river by MDNR Fisheries in Mid-May. We are also exploring the possibility of starting a multi-year tree planting program in the river corridor. There has been a significant loss of trees along the river with the devastation of the ash trees by the emerald ash borer. The ash trees were a major component of the forest community along the river. Ash may not regenerate to provide the tree cover and shade that is beneficial for the river. We will be seeking input about the feasibility and possible funding sources to begin a tree planting program in the Big Sable River Corridor. We will conduct a macro invertebrate survey at 2 locations on the river. Last year after two years of surveys we didn’t conduct the macro invertebrate survey. Past surveys have had consistent results indicating good to near excellent water quality. Of note in 2017 was the completion of the new Stephens Road Bridge. This structure has a much longer span allowing the river to function normally without the constriction of flow that the old bridge caused. We have also completed the habitat project from US-31 to LaSalle Road. The Big Sable Watershed Restoration Committee is wishing everyone a very safe and pleasant summer season.


The Road Commission at the urging of HLPS will try to work on the Dennis Road Bridge to help reduce the North Dennis Road erosion problem.

Re-Forestation Programs

As you all probably realize the Ash trees in our watershed have succumbed to the emerald ash borer!  Living in a progressive and nature bound community always helps because the deforestation has not gone unnoticed!  Two programs supporting the affordable purchase of trees to plant in the watershed currently exist.

CRA WILD ROOT PROGRAM this year provided trees to residents for minimal cost.  We were able to purchase a variety of tress for $30 / 100 trees!!  The goal of the program is to plant 100,000 trees.  This first year we were successful in planting 15,000 trees so more opportunity exists for all interested parties!  Please visit their website at https://www.rivercare.org/news/cra-sets-wild-roots or contact Paul direct at paul@rivercare.org

2020 – Update: We are pleased to announce that the registration period for our next round of Wild Roots is now open! Orders will be taken first come, first served, so place your tree orders soon!  Click here to Learn More.

HLPS Scholarship

The scholarship committee met yesterday and chose Carmen Wardle from Ludington High School for the Hamlin Lake Preservation Society Scholarship.  Carmen is majoring in physical and life sciences at Michigan State University with her goal of scientific research. She was selected as our recipient over 40 applicants in 32 fields of study related to our missions.

Those interested in applying for future scholarships please visit the Community Foundation’s application link https://mason-foundation.org/scholarships/ .  Scholarship applications open October 01-2019 and due by Feb 01- 2020.

CISMA Cost Share Program

Learn more about our NCCISMA / Cost Assistance Program by clicking HERE

Conservancy Opportunities

Info Coming Soon

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